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Income Distribution Theory

Family, Social Values and Work





I Human Investment,Education,and Learning
1 Conceptualization of Learning by Doing
2 A Note on the Optimal Spacing Properties in a Simple Jevonian Model of Educational Thought
3 ON the Two Conceptualizations of Human Investment
4 Elite Schools,High Tech Jobs,and Economic Welfare
II Family,Generarions,and Savings
5 Imperfection in the Capital Market and the Institutional Arrangement of Inheritance
6 Family Structures and Family Values in the Theory of Income Distribution
7 The Bonus Payment System and Japanese Personal Savings
8 Savings and Labor Supply Behavior of Aged Households in Japan
III Class Conflict,Work Incentives,and Job Satisfaction
9 Class Conflict,Capital Accumulation,and Distribution of Income
10 Wages,Work Intensity and Unemployment
11 Interindustry and Firm Size Differences in Job Satisfaction among Japanese Workers