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「アメリカのインパクト」に強く規定された戦後日本の経済社会のあり様を,歴史的な文脈のなかで,経済組織,企業ガバナンス,農業などの多様な側面に焦点をあてて実証的に検証する.日米仏の研究者による国際的な共同研究の成果をふまえ,より多角的に戦後日本の経済社会の特質に迫る試み.〈執筆者〉渋谷博史/丸山真人/伊藤 修/樋口 均/奥村 宏/小林和子/花崎正晴/首藤 惠/矢坂雅充/R. Boyer/M. Roe/C. Weathers/E. Feldman


Part I  Social Economy Structure under American Impacts
  1 A Viewpoint to Analyze Japan's Social Economy and American Impacts
  2 From One Pax-Americana to Another(1945-2000)
  3 The International Environment and Domestic Structure of Postwar
   Japan'sRapid Growth
  4 The Impact of Burden-Sharing on Japan :International Fiscal Policy
   Responeses to the Decline of Pax-Americana
Part II Corporate Governance and Industrial Relation
  5 Labor Policy and Securities Markets, and Separating of Ownership from
    Corporate Control
  6 An International Comparison of Corporate Investment Behavior: Some
    Implications for the Governance Structure in Japan
  7 Corporate Governance in Japan
  8 Postwar Securities Reform and Corporate Fund Procurement
  9 New Development in Japanese Corporate Governance in the 1990s: The
    Role of Corporate Pension Funds
  10 Convergence at Bay: A Comparison of Industrial Relation in
   Postwar U.S. and Japanese Metalworking Industries
Part III Welfare State and the Areas behi