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Collaborative Governance of Forests

Towards Sustainable Forest Resource Utilization





Introduction (Motomu Tanaka)

Part I: Policies, Institutions and Rights to Share:Prerequisites for Collaborative Governance
 Chapter 1 Historical Typology of Collaborative Governance: Modern Forest Policy in Japan (Hiroaki Kakizawa)
 Chapter 2 Endogenous Development and Collaborative Governance in Japanese Mountain Villages (Hironori Okuda/Makoto Inoue)
 Chapter 3 Collaborative Forest Governance in Mass Private Tree Plantation Management: Company-Community Forestry Partnership System in Java, Indonesia (PHBM) (Yasuhiro Yokota/Kazuhiro Harada/ Rohman/Oktalina Nur Silvi/Wiyono)
 Chapter 4 Legitimacy for “Great Happiness”: Communal Resource Utilization in Biche Village, Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands (Motomu Tanaka)

Part II: Sharing Interests, Roles and Risks: The Process of Collaborative Governance
 Chapter 5 Task-sharing, to the Degree Possible: Collaboration between Out-migrants and Remaining Residents of a Mountain Community Experiencing Rural Depopulation (Mika Okubo)
 Chapter 6 Collaborative Governance for Planted Forest Resources: Japanese Experiences (Noriko Sato/Takahiro Fujiwara/Vinh Quang Nguyen)
 Chapter 7 Forest Resources and Actor Relationships: A Study of Changes Caused by Plantations in Lao PDR (Kimihiko Hyakumura)
 Chapter 8 Whom to Share With? Dynamics of the Food Sharing System of the Shipibo in the Peruvian Amazon (Mariko Ohashi)

Part III: Sharing Information: Extending Collaborative Governance
 Chapter 9 Providing Regional Information for Collaborative Governance: Case Study regarding Green Tourism at Kaneyama Town, Yamagata Prefecture (Nobuhiko Tanaka)
 Chapter 10 Simulating Future Land-cover Change:A Probabilistic Cellular Automata Model Approach (Arief Darmawan/Satoshi Tsuyuki)
 Chapter 11 Potential of the Effective Utilization of New Woody Biomass Resources in the Melak City area of West Kutai Regency in the Province of East Kalimantan (Masatoshi Sato)

Final Chapter Multifaceted Signisicance of Collaborative Governance and Its Future Challenges (Makoto Inoue)

Appendix Prototype Design Guidelines for "Collaborative Governance"of Natural Resources