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Five Years After

Reassessing Japan’s Responses to the Earthquake, Tsunami, and the Nuclear Disaster





第1章 大震災・原発危機に対応する日本(恒川惠市)
第2章 東日本大震災と日本政府の対応(曽我謙悟)
第3章 原子力安全規制:事故前の課題と事故後の対応(城山英明)
第4章 原発事故と経済権力:東京電力はなぜ破綻しなかったのか(田川寛之)
第5章 被災地における「住宅再建」と日本の行政(村松岐夫・竹中直人)
第6章 東日本大震災と学校教育(青木栄一)
第7章 全町・全村避難と地方自治(阿部昌樹)
第8章 日米協力の評価とインパクト(道下徳成・プレッセーロ)
第9章 危機時コミュニケーションと外国の対応(恒川惠市)
第10章 緊急時の情報メディア環境と被災者の適応(池田謙一,安田 雪)

Chapter1 Toward a Balanced Assessment of Japan’s Responses to the Triple Disasters: Keiichi Tsunekawa
Chapter2 Responses of the Central Government to the Great East Japan Earthquake: Kengo Soga
Chapter3 Nuclear Safety Regulation before the Fukushima Accident and Post-accident Reform: Hideaki Shiroyama
Chapter4 Corporate Influence and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident: How Has TEPCO Survived? : Hiroyuki Togawa
Chapter5 Public Policymaking for Housing Reconstruction in Disaster-Strikien Areas in Tohoku: Michio Muramatsu and Naoto Takeuchi
Chapter6 School Education after the Great Japan Earthquake: Eiichi Aoki
Chapter7 Local Autonomy and the Complete Resident Evacuation in Fukushima: Masaki Abe
Chapter8 Japan-US Joint Disaster Relief Operations: Achievement, Limitations, and Impacts: Narushige Michishita and Andrea Pressello
Chapter9 Crisis Communication and Foreign Response: Keiichi Tunekawa
Chapter10 Information Media Environment and Social Capital in Times of Emergency: How They Affected Survivors’ Post-disaster Adaptation: Ken’ichi Ikeda and Yuki Yasuda

This book, compiled by Japanese social scientists working at the forefront of their fields, is based on a comprehensive body of knowledge that became available over the last five years. The book addresses the question of how the central government, local governments, and civil society responded to the catastrophe and led the recovery process. It is intended as essential reading on this topic as it shares the lessons learned from the harsh experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake with our future generations and the international community.